spinal column


Directly beneath your skull is your first cervical vertebrae or the Atlas.  The Atlas holds the globe of your skull just as the mythological god Atlas held up the globe of the earth.  Your second cervical vertebra is also given a special name.  The axis because it permits a lot of head turning.  The seven cervical vertebrae also have numerical names that Atlas is also known as C1.  The axis as C2 and a third simply as C3 and C4, C5, C6 and C7.

  There are 12 thoracic vertebrae, each one has a rib connected to it .  If you follow the path of your ribs around from the front to back, You can feel for the attachment point to the thoracic vertebrae in your back.  In the front, they attach to your sternum or breastbone.

In your lower back, you have five lumbar vertebrae.  They are the biggest, thickest and most massive of all your vertebrae.  This is a good thing, because they have the most weight to hold up.  This is also the reason why lower back pain is very common.


Under the lumbar vertebrae is a triangular shaped bone made up of five fused bones  Called the sacrum.  This important bone is the foundation upon which the whole body rests. This is also a very common area for lower back pain.  The sacrum connects to the hips on either side. this connection is called the sacroiliac joint.

  The 24 separate vertebrae that make up your spinal column, should all move through their full range of motion. Problems arise when these segments fail to move properly.

chiropractors are well trained to diagnose and treat spinal problems.

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